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September 13, 2012

Book Review: New Sales. Simplified., by Mike Weinberg

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How complicated is selling?  Well, if you hop over to Amazon and search “sales books” you’ll get over 335,000 results.  Based on that one must assume that selling is one hell of a complicated thing to do, right?

Well, it may appear to be that way but as Mike Weinberg in New Sales. Simplified. The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and Business Development (AMACOM: 2013) makes very apparent, selling has never been and is still today not a highly complicated activity.

New Sales. Simplified. isn’t a ground breaking book in the sense it offers a slick new cutting edge, unproven theory on how to sell.  If fact, there’s really nothing “new” at all in the book.

So if it doesn’t offer some new super duper cutting edge sales idea why in the world would you want to lay out hard earned money to buy it?

Because Weinberg offers the one thing that most other writers on selling don’t—real, honest-to-God clarity on how to become a solid, high producer in sales.

New Sales. Simplified. lays out a simple formula for growing and developing your sales pipeline based on proven actions and strategies that have been the foundation of sales success for thousands of highly successful sellers. 

Don’t confuse simple with easy.  Unlike a great many sales hucksters, Weinberg doesn’t promise a magic formula that makes selling quick and easy with no muss or fuss and immediate overnight results.

What, then, does New Sales. Simplified. offer?  Weinberg presents a simple, straightforward, effective and proven process for finding and connecting with quality new business.

The book starts out reviewing the primary reasons salespeople fail—from not having a clear path to success to being good corporate citizens to being “prisoners of hope,” as well as 13 other key stumbling blocks that prevent sellers from being successful.  An interesting element of the discussion of the 16 paths to failure that Mike identifies is that although many are easily identified as negative, such as not being able to gain the prospect’s attention or having a negative attitude, others are often considered to be admirable, such as being ever ready to pitch in to help or being eager to take care of their accounts, but are in reality equally destructive to sales success.

Next Weinberg tackles a very real but most often overlooked deterrent to the success of sellers—the company’s leadership.  Far more often than companies want to admit, the attitude in the executive suite is the root sales problem, not the sales force itself.  Just as he did with individual salespeople, Mike identifies the major walls companies create to discourage and/or prevent the sales team from being successful—and as with individual salespeople, often these walls are rooted in negative attitudes and a lack of clear focus.

The center of New Sales. Simplified. focuses on four actions sellers must take in order to turn finding and developing new business into a simple and effective process:

  1. Selecting Targets.  “(T)he proactive new business hunter requires a strategically selected list of appropriate target accounts in order to launch the attack.”  Finding new business demands action, not reaction, Weinberg argues.  And the action required is highly focused and selective.  New Sales. Simplified. shows you how to develop target accounts.

  2. Developing a Solid Sales Story.  “A compelling, differentiating, client-focused story is a prerequisite for new business development sales success.”  The sales story as Weinberg says isn’t about you or your company; it’s about your prospect, about what it means for them.   So key is the sales story to success that Mike dedicates two chapters to helping you develop and sharpen your story.  If your sales story can’t pass the prospect’s “so what” test (and even if it can), these two chapters alone are worth the price of the book.

  3. Developing Connection Expertise.  Identifying and finding your targets is pretty much worthless if you can’t connect with them isn’t it?  Weinberg spends a good deal of the book discussing how to connect with your identified targets—and, yes, using the hated, dreaded phone is one of the tools Mike teaches you how to use effectively. 

    As with developing a solid sales story, this section on how to effectively connect with targets requires several chapters.  Weinberg doesn’t simply deal with using the phone to connect and set an appointment.  He also presents an in depth discussion of how to create successful face to face meetings with prospects.

  4. Taking Control of Your Sales Business.  To this point New Sales. Simplified. has spent a great deal of time walking you through the process of finding and connecting with great targets.  But no matter how proficient at finding and connecting with targets you become, it’s worthless if you don’t create the atmosphere that will allow you to exercise your skills. 

    Unfortunately if you don’t create that atmosphere, no one will do it for you.  In fact, most everyone, including your manger and company (and consciously or unconsciously, you) will be unintentionally conspiring to prevent you from doing the things you know you must do to be successful.  Mike gives you the real workable tools you need that will allow you to finally take control of your sales business and control your sales destiny rather than being controlled by circumstances and the busy work that can destroy your career.

If you’re not where you want to be in your sales career, if your pipeline isn’t as robust as you want, or if you are new to sales and are looking for real guidance and not just useless hype, New Sales. Simplified. should be on your immediate “to do” list.  And don’t just take the first step and get the book, open it and read it—and above all implement what you learn.

As Weinberg points out at the beginning of New Sales. Simplified., there’s a great deal of discussion today about how “old fashioned” sales strategies such as finding and connecting with high quality prospects is passé and nothing more than a waste of time.  If you want to make a career in sales, don’t buy the madness, instead do the things successful sellers are do–and New Sales. Simplified. shows in detail how to do those things.

April 19, 2011

Master Your Sales Conversations–And Close More Sales

Ever feel like your sales conversations don’t go as well as you would have liked? Perhaps there was something nagging at you that made you think, “I could be doing something better. Something to win more and bigger sales, but I’m not sure what.”

No matter what you’re selling, at some point you have conversations with buyers. Much selling success is determined here. Over the years I’ve seen too many sales people, leaders, and professionals struggle to create sales conversations, kick them off well, uncover needs, create enthusiasm with the prospect, and win business. Without realizing it they make the same mistakes over and over again that end up losing sales.

My friends Mike Schultz and John Doerr, Founders of RainToday and Co-Presidents of the Rain Group, have just released  Rainmaking Conversations, which teaches you everything you need to know about leading masterful sales conversations.

This book gives you a practical step by step process to go from the first “hello” to “send me an invoice…let’s go.” Full of compelling stories, examples, and winning techniques, the book covers how to:

  • ·         Build rapport and trust early on in the relationship
  • ·         Uncover the full set of prospect needs (most advice and training only gives you half the story)
  • ·         Develop winning value propositions that get prospects excited to buy
  • ·         Apply the 16 principles of influence in sales
  • ·         Overcome all types of objections  (including price pressure) and move towards the close
  • ·         Craft compelling solutions and close the deal
  • ·         Avoid the most common mistakes that kill sales

The book walks you through RAIN Selling, an acronym that stands for Rapport, Aspirations and Afflictions, Impact, and New Reality. It provides a guide for the most important part of sales – the conversations you have with prospects and clients.

Rainmaking Conversations is hot off the presses, and it’s a great sales book. A classic in the making. To kick off the book launch, the authors have put together an amazing bonus package for those of you who buy a copy today.

 Pick up a copy today and you’ll get tons of bonuses including a special bonus from me! So get your copy at Then stop by: to pick up all the bonuses.

I highly recommend it!

March 7, 2011

Bust Your Slump–The Benefits of Digital Media

Isn’t the digital world grand?  No waiting days or weeks for stuff to be delivered.  And the discounts companies can offer are amazing!

Now, thanks to digital media, if you aren’t bringing in the sales you want or you’re in an honest to goodness sales slump, you can get real help in getting your pipeline filled quickly—for next to nothing.

My newest book, Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days has received a great amount of praise and recognition—from being one of the 10 finalists for book of the year at Top Sales Awards to being named one of the top sales books of 2010 by to being nominated for the Chally Sales Book of the Year award.  But more importantly, it has received praise from sellers who have actually used it to quickly and radically increase their sales.

The paperback sells for $14.95 and the Kindle has sold for $9.99.

For a limited time you can purchase the Kindle version or the E-book for only $2.99.  That’s an incredible 70% off the original Kindle price and a full 80% off the paperback price.  Because of production costs, I can’t make this offer on the paperback version, but because of the immense savings that digital media affords the publishing industry; you can get every word of the paperback book via Kindle or E-book for only $2.99.

Bust Your Slump is designed for sellers who want to increase their sales quickly.  Not all of the 12 strategies will be right for you and your market, but no matter whether you sell B2B or B2C, if your sales cycle is long or a one-time close, whether you sell locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally, there are strategies that will help you create business quickly.

These dozen strategies are designed to do one thing—bring in business quickly.  But they are not designed to be long-term strategies.  Most will create a big burst of business but because of the very nature of the strategy, it can’t be relied on long-term (just how many orphan files can you find in your office?).

The first chapter of the book outlines a four step process for filling your pipeline now and guaranteeing that you never again face a sales slump.

Grab your copy of the book at Amazon Kindle or the E-book while at this incredible price and get your pipeline filled NOW!

January 14, 2011

Book Review: How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime

Selling in the real world is very different than the selling theory one often encounters in sales books.  A great many sales books—maybe the majority—are fluff filled wastes of time or pretentious tomes with little or no real world application.  Much of what is published in the sales category is either the pipe-dreams of an author looking for some new ‘hook’ to sell a book or a less effective rehash of what’s already been published dozens of times. 

Dave Kahle’s newest book, How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime (Career Press:  2010) doesn’t’t claim to have found a newly discovered silver bullet to sales success.  Instead, Dave sets out in  a clear and concise presentation the steps necessary to be an effective and successful salesperson.   He takes time tested and proven strategies and puts them in an effective and workable process. 

Three things set Dave’s book apart from most of the other “how to’ sales books:

1)         Dave gives a very personal perspective—the book is filled with what Dave has personally learned over his career.  Dave talks from the trenches, not an ivory tower.  His wisdom comes from getting knocked around, not from a book shelf.  That real world experience leads to real world solutions.

2)         Dave lays out a very simple, workable, effective sales process.  Again, no theory, just a real world, workable process that takes you through the whole sale.  In brief, Dave’s process is 1) Engage with the right people; 2) find out what they want; 3) gain agreement on the next step; and 4) follow up.  Sound too easy?  It isn’t.  Simple does not mean easy.

3)         Dave doesn’t’t leave out the details.  So many sales books give big, broad directives but never fill in the real ‘how to’ detail.  Dave doesn’t’t leave the reader hanging.  There are three separate chapters dealing the finding the right people because he takes you through the process of not only finding them, but connecting with them.  In the same manner there are four chapters on finding what they want because Dave takes you through the process of finding out what they want–and then meeting those needs. 

If you are a seller—salesperson, business owner, or service professional—who either needs to learn a workable process to sell or you want to increase your sales effectiveness, I encourage you to pick up a copy of How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime.

You can get a bit more detail here

Or head over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite bookseller and pick up a copy.

October 11, 2010

What Are People Saying About Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days?

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Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days has been on the market for a couple of weeks.  Here is a sampling of what people are saying about the book and how it might be able to help you or your sales team.

By the way, the book is now in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and many other book sellers around the world.  Barnes and Noble even has the book on sale for only $10.76—a great deal.

And if you’d like multiple copies for your sales team, don’t hesitate to contact me about multiple book pricing.

Jill Konrath, author Selling to Big Companies

We Can’t Bust Our Sales Slump Because We’re Insane

I had to laugh when I read that line in a recent edition of Paul McCord’s newsletter. If you’re struggling with a slump right now, keep on reading what Paul has to say:

We’re all familiar with the old saying that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. We laughed when we first heard it–and we agreed. We thought it such a silly idea that anyone would see that something isn’t working and then believe that the solution was to do more of it.

Ha, ha. What idiot would be that dumb? Us idiots, of course.

No, we’re not idiots and we’re not dumb. But just as others have gotten so wrapped up in something that they failed to see the illogic in increasing the amount of time and energy they were investing in activities that weren’t producing the results they wanted, we also get wrapped up in trying to break out of our sales tailspins that we don’t see the folly of investing more time and energy in just doing more of what isn’t working.

We tend to think that a sales slump is simply the result of a lack of activity and consequently, simply increasing our activity will correct it. That’s not the case.

Sales slumps are generally caused by a combination of factors, any one of which could have been the original tailspin creating catalyst: 1) Negative expectations; 2) Insufficient activity; and 3) Wrong strategies.

So, if these are the three factors in a sales slump, the solution should be easy right? Just change the negative expectations to positive ones, increase activity, and change up the prospecting strategies, and voila, presto-chango, you’re out of the slump.

If only it were that easy.

Busting out of a slump–or beginning to generate business if you are a new salesperson–is difficult. It takes a great deal of resolve. It takes dedication. It takes learning long-term strategies to put your sales career on solid footing.

I survived a slump. It was tough. I didn’t know if I’d make it. Maybe you’re struggling right now too. If so, check out Paul’s new book, BUST YOUR SLUMP: A Dozen Slump-Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days.

Regardless of what you sell, you’ll find strategies that will work for you. I have three favorites. If you want to grow your business locally, Paul offers solid networking advice. If you have a client base, check out the “mining for gold” strategy. And finally, partnering — my personal choice for slump-busting.

Gary Hart of Sales du Jour

Bust Your Slump” by Paul McCord – Book Review

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the sales game, and regardless of the economic climate or your industry’s status, slumps happen. Paul McCord’s “Bust Your Slump” is a concise, easy to read twelve chapters, each with a proven funnel filling solution.

Fit for our hurry-up offence, 2-minute drill business culture, the short chapters include successful implementation strategies from Paul’s clients and conclude with “Does it Work” how-to sections. While the book can be read in an afternoon, each chapter can be digested and understood in a few minutes of downtime, and ready to be put into practice.

My favorite chapter “Get Connected Quick” is about networking successfully with a “focused commitment to do the activity that will produce results [and how] effective networking follows a definite, planned process.” I could go on, but I don’t want to spoil your reading, so if you want to know how to select the best networking events and learn best networking practices, you’ll have to read the book.

I love the format and strategies Paul has chosen and found it easy, instructive reading that kept my attention.   Paul hits on key mechanics with implementable solutions. Beginning with “attitude” and reminding us how a large part of slumps is in the mind are two powerful points and winners for the reader. So start filling your pipeline and order the paperback or Kindle version now.

Dave Brock, President of Partners in Excellence

In A Sales Slump?

Sales slumps hit all of us for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes when we get into a slump, we seem to spiral deeper and deeper. We run out of ideas on what to do, we lose perspective. Dealing with our sales slumps, developing and executing strategies to Bust Out Of The Slump is critical for every sales person.

Paul McCord wrote a terrific book based on this single goal, helping you develop and execute strategies to Bust Your Slump. He outlines 12 different strategies, giving you step by step advice for recovering from a slump, as well as offering great case studies of how organizations have used each of the strategies. Paul purposely kept the book short and practical. It’s a quick read, and if you are struggling, provides proven ideas.

Jeb Brooks, Executive Vice President of The Brooks Group

Brooks on Books: Bust Your Sales Slump

Paul McCord, of, has just completed a book called “Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days.”

He sent me an advance copy last week and it’s great. He said the book, “hasn’t got a single new or revolutionary idea in it — just 12 proven strategies to help sellers, business owners, and service professionals who are hurting for business to generate business NOW.”

And the suggestions are spot-on. He’s got some practical advice for driving business. And every idea ends with a story of someone who actually implemented it…and grew their business as a result. How many of us have forgotten about the opportunities a contest might offer? Or the acres of diamonds in “dead” accounts? Paul reminds us of their potential in this book (and another 10 slump-busting ideas).  If your copy ends up like mine, it’ll be dog-eared and highlighted. Meanwhile, you’ll walk away with new enthusiasm for old ideas.

Kristine Chompff, Marketing Manager, CarbonetiX

When you’re staring down the barrel of a diminishing on-hand cash pool, there’s nothing like a lifesaver! Paul’s ‘Bust your slump’ is exactly that. He provides practical and effective strategies to get your sales up and moving again. What I found refreshing about this book, is the straightforward approach utilised by Paul in cutting directly to the heart of the matter quickly and concisely. The fact thatyou can pick it up and put it down when you need to, and use only a few sections at a time, gives this book rare flexibility. A recommended read for salespeople needing a lifesaver!

Paul Flood, Paul Flood Marketing

At some point during their career, nearly every sales person will encounter a slump. No matter how hard they work, things don’t seem to turn around. Frustration sets in, desire to work and confidence plummet.

What to do?

Paul McCord tackles this issue head-on in the book, “Bust Your Slump, A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in Just 30 Days.” This book lays out 12 very effective strategies, any of which could start to generate results in 30 days.

We all know that there is no one thing that will work for every sales person or every industry, which is what I like about this book. There is something for everyone. If a sales rep can’t find something in this list of twelve that will work for them, either they shouldn’t be in sales or their product just won’t cut it in the marketplace.

McCord clearly says not to try to implement all of the strategies but to instread go through the list of twelve and see which one or two best fits your business and personality. It’s up to you to choose referral marketing, incentives, cold-calling, strategic partnerships or others listed.

What I particularly liked about this book is that it is a quick, top-level view of several strategies. There are no brand-new, earth-shattering concepts presented, which is not typically what a person in a slump needs. What’s needed is a plan to pick and implement time-tested and proven methods. That’s what this book delivers.

Ronnie Lynch, Regional Sales Director, EnablePay Direct

This is an excellent read. As a salesperson I have over the years experienced my share of sales slumps. They may come after a slow summer, after the holidays, there are many events that can and do get a salesperson off track and into a slump. Paul has written a book that is short and succinct; giving you a clear and actionable plan on what you can do that will get you out of that sales slump. There are many ideas and options presented that a salesperson can use, some will fit your style some may not, however there are enough ideas to choose from that you can select the ideas that best suit your sales style and then take action.

This will be a great book to add to your professional library and refer back to when you need new and fresh ideas.

Hilary Pritzlaff-Nathan, Director of Business Development, CorpU Xchange

Just finished reading Paul McCord’s newest book Bust your Slump and highly recommend any salesperson read this to ignite new passion and ideas for their business.

In the very beginning I felt it was written for the freshman salesperson who needs encouragement to continue their sales career, but as I read further I realized the advice and ideas related completely to where I am in my 25+ years in sales.

Thanks Paul for reminding me my profession is noble and there will be days of uncertainty. Your ideas in this simple & fast read rejuvenated my business and attitude. I appreciate your no- nonsense approach.

This is a book I will pick up and review during my slumps. So valuable I am buying it for my team to help in their pursuit of success in sales.

Dave Stein, CEO, ESR Research

What does it take to get a stalled engine started? A battery jump? A shot of starter fluid? Maybe a push and then a pop of the clutch. For the sales pro in a slump, Paul McCord lays out every reasonable approach for a restart, and then some. Clear and to-the-point, Paul’s practical advice gets you back to basics and back on track.

John Patrick, President, Centurion Investment Group of Florida, LLC

GREAT book, Paul! I’ve read and re-read it. Marked it all up, despite it being an autographed copy … My 30-day strategy is #2 (Get Connected) and #12 (Mining). Thank you for writing on of the best, real-world books I’ve ever read (and I read a book a week)!

Ashley Wilson, Financial Advisor, Stifel Nicolaus, Portland, OR

Paul McCord’s book is to the point – which is what every salesperson with a short attention span needs. McCord not only tells you what to do to bust your slump, he tells you how to do it so you can start implementing these strategies right away. McCord is motivating and realistic and doesn’t promise an easy fix like many other sales books do. Any of these strategies will work for the salesperson willing to work hard and stay focused.

Ben Bradley, Managing Partner, Macon Raine

General George S. Patton said it best, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

Paul McCord’s new book “Bust Your Slump” takes General Patton’s advice and applies it to getting your sales back on track fast. His ideas aren’t new but this call to action makes huge sense for sales people that are not hitting their numbers.

In this quick and valuable read, McCord combines positive thinking, smart tactical activities and a pre-disposition for action into a short, easily readable set of 12 strategies that will improve your sales pipeline. You probably won’t have time to implement all 12 strategies. McCord advises you pick one or two strategies that fit what you sell and then EXECUTE.

The critical thing is that you are in a sales slump, you need to ACT and Act NOW. You can start by buying this book.

Dr. Gregory Stebbins, Sales Psychologist, PeopleSavvy

This is a fabulous book. If the current recession has slowed you down and caused you to be discouraged, then read this book. The universe rewards action and Paul presents many action steps you can take right now. Don’t go to sleep tonight until you’ve completed two or three of the actions he recommends. For that matter, don’t go to sleep any work night until you’ve implemented at least one of the actions in this book.

Even if you’re not impacted by a recession, but just need to be rebooted, the recommendations in this book will get you going again.

September 22, 2010

Need Sales NOW? Get Sales NOW!

Are you or your sales team finding it difficult to bring in business?  If so, I suggest you take a look at my newest book, Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days, which has just been released.

Bust Your Slump isn’t another book that promises easy eternal success and delivers nothing but a bunch of fluff and hype with no substance. 

My only purpose in Bust Your Slump is to lay out in detail 12 proven, effective, real strategies that will generate business for you fast.  Each chapter not only gives you the concept, it gives you a step by step process for implementing it, and then demonstrates what it can do by relating how one of his clients used.

Whether you sell B2B or B2C, are involved in a one-time close process or a long sales cycle, sell a commodity or a sophisticated product or service, you’ll find strategies that will work for you. 

If you buy the book at Amazon during the next couple of days, you’ll get several hundred dollars of great bonus gifts from some of the top minds in sales such as Jill Konrath, Keith Rosen, Jonathan Farrington, Dave Kurlan, Wendy Weiss, Dave Brock and many others.  Head over to see all of the great bonuses you get for simply buying a book that will fill your pipeline.

There’s also a special bonus for 5 sales managers or executives offered by Dave Brock.  On Friday Dave will draw the names of 5 sales managers or executives who have bought the book and registered to win a sales process health check, a $1,500 product.  We’ve all seen the crappy fake $1,000 or 1,500 bonuses on book launches.  This isn’t a fake bonus value.  If you want you can head over to Dave’s company’s website and pay your $1,500 for the checkup right now.  Or you can buy the book and register to win one.  Dave can’t give away an unlimited number of them—but he will give away $7,500 of product on Friday.  Make sure you’re in the running for one.

Bust Your Slump is top notch.  The strategies are real and they work.  You’ll have to invest the time and effort to implement them.  These aren’t magic bullets.  But they are the real deal.

I encourage you to head over to Amazon  and pick up your copy then head over and grab your bonuses.  Would you rather have the Kindle version?  Get it here.   Maybe you’d like an autographed copy?  Go here.

Are you a sales leader who’d like multiple copies for your team?  Shoot me an email at and I can fill you in on the special multiple copy rates that can save you a ton of money when buying 25 or more copies.

June 22, 2010

You Want The Key to Sales Success? People Buy You

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What is most important to your success in sales?

Many people will tell you that it’s all about crafting the right pitch, making more calls, or having a powerful closing technique. Some will say that it’s your education, experience, or product knowledge. Others argue it’s your company’s reputation, product, price, or guarantee. There are even those who say you must invest in the latest CRM software, Sales 2.0 tools, or hottest social media.

My friend Jeb Blount says the answer is: none of the above!

An expert with decades of experience in the sales trenches, Jeb believes that success is powered by your ability to solve the problems of your customer. When you solve problems, your job is done, and the sale is made. But how do you get to that point?

Successful sales are built around a solid knowledge of people—how they are motivated to buy and how they can respond positively to the right approach. In his new book, People Buy You, Jeb shows you how to build lasting business relationships that allow you to close more deals, retain clients and create the sales success of your dreams.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Anchor your business relationships and create loyal customers who will never leave you for a competitor
  • Open the door to stronger relationships that quickly increase sales, improve retention, increase profits and advance your career
  • Avoid the pitfalls of three common relationship myths that hold most sales pros back
  • Make instant emotional connections that eliminate objections and move buyers to reveal their real problems and needs
  • Build your personal brand to improve your professional presence and stand-out in the market place

People Buy You is the ultimate guide to relationships, influence and persuasion in 21st century business. I suggest you check it out here.

When you order People Buy You today, you’ll receive instant access to a bundle of business-building tools from Jeb’s friends, including one from me!  Take a look now.

For those who get in on this make sure to read Chapter 7: “Create Positive Emotional Experiences” at least twice – it will change how you sell forever.

June 15, 2010

Need help reaching today’s frazzled prospects?

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One of the toughest challenges you face right now is dealing with crazy-busy prospects. They rarely answer the phone or respond to your emails. They’d rather stay with the status quo than change. And they’re always getting distracted.

When people have too much to do and impossible deadlines, it changes how they make decisions. And, it changes their expectations of you too.

My good friend, Jill Konrath, author of the classic “Selling to Big Companies,” just released her new book, “SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers.”

I highly recommend it. Jill knows how to capture and keep the attention of hard-to-reach prospects. And, she shows you how to help people make decisions a whole lot faster too.

To learn more about SNAP Selling & to download two chapters, just click here:

You’ll also be able to download some cool new sales tools from Jill – no strings attached. Again, click on right away.

May 4, 2010

Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets

I am honored to be chosen to contribute to Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets.  This new book is packed with real-life examples and rock solid advice from 50 leading sales experts. You get 80 quick read lessons that show you precisely how to grow your sales…even in a downturn.

Major corporations happily pay tens of thousands of dollars for this expert advice, but you can get it all for just $24.95! The publisher will even pay your shipping and handling.  For less than half a tank of gas you’ll put your sales on the fast track. 

You’ll quickly learn how to:

  •      Stay motivated in tough times. Pages 80-83.
  •      Earn top dollar with these “must dos.” Pages 127-129.
  •      Tap into your true (and virtually unlimited) personal potential. Page 258.
  •      Create your own opportunities in a down market. Pages 7-9.
  •      Shorten your sales cycle in 3 quick steps. Pages 14-16.
  •      Neutralize the “recession objection” with a simple formula. Pages 5-6.
  •      Make more sales with “outrageously simple” sales concepts that are raking in millions. Page 36.
  •      Close in a down economy using these 7 key steps. Pages 184-186.
  •      Cash in with new referrals and attract new clients. Pages 154-156.
  •      and a lot more!Just one idea applied can put thousands of dollars in your pocket! See it here.If you’re serious about beating the downturn and advancing your sales career act now. Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets is the best 25 dollar investment you will ever make. Guaranteed!

    You have absolutely zero risk. I have a long relationship with the publisher who guarantees your “extreme satisfaction.”  Take the first step to making more money right now. You’ll be glad you did. Learn more.

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  • March 30, 2010

    Get a Hit Everytime You Go To Bat on the Phone

    Do you use the phone to connect with potential clients?

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    Packed with hundreds of real-world examples, Smart Calling shows you how to:

    — Grab your prospect’s interest in critical first 20 seconds;

    — Use “social engineering” to get the inside scoop on prospects;

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    Nobody likes cold calling, and for good reason. Most of the time, cold calls don’t work and end up wasting everyone’s time. Smart Calling gives you a better way to approach prospects and win sales. Order today and start Smart Calling.

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